I’m sad to be leaving the IMA, but thrilled to announce my new project: THE ART ASSIGNMENT. It’s a video series produced by PBS Digital Studios that will focus on the creative process and the act of making, and I’ll be the curator and host of it.

While the videos will live on PBS and YouTube, we’ll be using tumblr a lot, too, and will encourage you to upload your executions of various art assignments here, so please follow The Art Assignment on tumblr

I’m really looking forward to making this a great project, and to sharing it with you in a few short months.

How excellent! This is v exciting!


technewb submitted:

I put all 1000+ videos from beginning of the vlogbrothers to present in playlist format to make it easier to watch.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6



We tell you about VidCon, YOU TELL US YOUR STORY! :) Deal?

Do y’all know about A Film to Decrease Worldsuck? It’s an awesome documentary-in-progress created by nerdfighters about the story of Nerdfighteria, and they need your stories!

They interviewed a few of us fynf peeps at Vidcon about our tumblr and experiences with Nerdfighteria and are now accepting vlog submissions from you! For more information and updates, check out their tumblr, twitter, facebook, website, or these nifty graphics.

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Nerdfighter Note

I think everyone should document them putting notes into books if they can! Thanks will-i-is!