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Gettin’ Real with Hank

In which Hank talks about how cool and weird the things we are able to do are, how he still feels insecure and sad anyway, and how overwhelming decisions have been freaking him out, and that a simple solution suggested itself (was suggested by his brother.)




John Green Keynote - “What Constitutes Winning?” (VidCon 2014) 

John Green (New York Times bestselling author, vlogbrother, and co-founder of VidCon) gives an Industry keynote speech at VidCon 2014, discussing a variety of his projects, the quality of engagement, and what metrics don’t tell us about audience development.



New vlogbrothers video: Looking Away.

(Reminder that if we raise $100,000 to get clean water to people in Ethiopia, BILL GATES WILL MATCH IT WITH ANOTHER $100,000:


Bill Gates and John Green Discuss Agriculture

Special bonus video! If we raise $100,000 to get clean water to people in Ethiopia, BILL GATES WILL MATCH IT WITH ANOTHER $100,000:



You can be a Quill!

Kemosabe is a metaphor for the Animal Wonders community! I couldn’t be more happy by the quality of our viewers. I can’t say it enough, you all are amazing!

In the video you’ll see a lot of adorable porcupine and also learn how to be more involved in our community by subscribing on Subbable, you could get your very own Kemosabe quills as a perk! You can also donate through PayPal* on our website if you don’t have a google account (*donations are tax deductible only through PayPal).

So excited to be launching this endeavor! Be a Quill!!

Are you a fan of the newest John + Hank-related YouTube channel? Animal Wonders brings education and adorableness to you via video once a week. Check them out, and support Jessi, Gus, Caitlin, and all the animals on Subbable if you’re able!


Meet Kelly, The First Recipient of a Nerdfighter Indie Creator Grant

So Vlogbrothers started running pre-rolls more than a month ago, so we’ve had the first lump of money come in. The biggest chunk of the first payment (and probably a fairly large chunk of the second one) will be going to Kelly Kend to help her work on her documentary “Yeah, Maybe No” which is about consent and sexual abuse.

Just by chance, I was at the same conference as Kelly last weekend so we got to hang out (and I can confirm that she is very smart, very nice, and very well informed on this topic.) 

She’s a survivor herself, and just an all around awesome person, and Nerdfighteria is responsible for the money she now has to finish her documentary.



Quiz Show: Vlogbrothers Face-Off: Hank v. John! 

Welcome back to SciShow Quiz Show! In this episode Hank will be competing with older brother John in a battle of science related trivia on behalf of Subbable subscribers Anna Dilley & Andrew Villarreal. 

Which brother will be victorious?!



John Green is such an inspiration! I’m glad he sees the magic in reading and shares/encourages everyone to seek the experience.

(Source: aprildee-seeks-a-great-perhaps)


It’s Question Tuesday! Cheesy Jokes, Paper Towns Movie, and Dinosaur Butt Brains

In which John answers real questions from real nerdfighters.

The Fault in Our Stars came out on DVD today. Thanks to everyone in the nerdfighter community who supported the movie (and me) through the whole wild and wonderful process.



Why Wizards Need Net Neutrality

Help give Harry Potter a fair shot at a career on YouTube by signing the petition and spreading the word.

Make videos of your own? Submit one about net neutrality and it’ll play on a huge billboard outside the FCC’s headquarters. No, we’re not kidding.

Today is the last day you can submit comments to the FCC!