There Is No “Them” - Project For Awesome

This is the story of Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and Jews — along with those of many other faiths and those with no religion at all — uniting to help those in need. Together we helped transform a community in need.

Where once children studied in the dirt — they now have a school building. Where once students had no access to a sanitation — now they have a school bathroom. Where once students had no access to clean water — they now have a school tube well.

This was funded entirely by donations to:

Let’s talk about how amazing this is.



Dear Nerdfighters, many of you may not be aware that for the past several months I’ve been working to build a school in Bangladesh with donations from the YouTube and Nerdfighter community. This school will be called The John Green School. Here is the latest update that I just posted to YouTube regarding the progress of the construction of this school. DFTBA.

Shawn’s work and videos really are a beautiful testament to the power of community. You can see previous updates on the school here and here, learn more about the Uncultured Project here (and ways to support it), and keep up to date with the school’s progress by following Shawn on twitter, instagram, and tumblr.