REUNION! Arm Wrestling, Drawing, and Questions with Hank and John!

In which Hank and John are in the same place and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. We’re in North Carolina visiting our parents for Thanksgiving and decided to spend some time answering your questions. 

As you might expect, we are thankful for each other and our families and all of you. 


Black Friday: An Accident of History

In which Hank answers the age old question “Why, on the day after we spend time being thankful for what we have, do we spend time wanting more?” It turns out it’s just an accident of history, and we can thank Abraham Lincoln.


Thanksgiving Thoughts on the Vlogbrothers

Today, as tradition dictates, I was pondering the many things I am thankful for, and came to the conclusion that I am very very thankful for the Vlogbrothers and Nerdfighteria. 

As a high school senior, I have begun to realize the flaws in the American education system. It mines for specific kinds of disposable knowledge, requiring memorization of names and dates and numbers without truly engaging students and getting them to see what the heck is so important about learning. 

Without Hank and John Green, I don’t think I would have seen it either. 

Through their videos, they have taught me about politics and history and math and literature and relationships and the creation of self and a million other things in a very real context; one that can be applied to everyday life, not just to the test next week.

They teach in the way schools should be teaching. 

Thank you John, for being able to articulate some of the thoughts about life I’ve had but have never been able to form words around, and for writing a book so wonderful as TFIOS that ripped my heart out in the best way possible. 

Thank you Hank, for being an example of how managing several businesses of your own is possible if you have the passion for it, and for writing catchy songs about particle physics that make more sense than a handful of teachers’ explanations. 

Thank you both for helping to nurture the amazing community that is Nerdfighteria, that values intelligence, enthusiasm, originality, and socially awkward people with important things to say.

Thank you for creating what you have, and doing what you do.



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"It is now the day before Thanksgiving which I have to tell you is actually the opposite of Thanksgiving. It’s called Hanksgiving, and it is a day on which I tell you all the things that annoy the crap out of me, the things I am not thankful for."

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