Nerdfighteria Census 2014 Results!

Thanks to everyone for your participation! So fascinating! More in-depth analysis here.

If you haven’t taken the census you still can

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Man I love filling out the Nerdfighter consensus

Ohhh Hank.


Man I love filling out the Nerdfighter consensus

Ohhh Hank.


Nerdfighteria Census 2014


Last year, around this time, John and I did a survey of Nerdfighteria and the results were fascinating Aside from discovering that you use YouTube in strange and beautiful ways, have some extremely eclectic tastes in online media, and READ LIKE BOOKS ARE MADE OF DELICIOUS MIND CORNDOGS, it was just a really cool way for this community to get to know itself better. 

So we’re doing it again! This time, it’s a little longer because, well, no one complained about how long it was last time. 


  1. You don’t have to answer all of the questions (or any of them)…100% of questions are optional.
  2. We will not sell this information, though we may share some anonymous, non-identity-linked data with our friends in the publishing industry so that they can sell more books, which is a cause we believe in.
  3. We will also make some of the data we collect public, but anything that could be tied to your identity will be removed.

If you want to see the video I made going over the census data, you can see it on hankschannel. It got a TON of views…which is really cool. I will be making another one of those. 

So, if you have some spare moments, please spend them with the 2014 Nerdfighteria Census! It should take more than ten minutes and less than half an hour, and it will help us figure out where we should stop when we go on tour and what kind of content to make in the future.

So, again, LINK!

Do it! DO IT!




John and I were talking yesterday and we realized that, though we have a somewhat distinct and ever-changing image of what Nerdfighteria is and who it is composed of, we aren’t precisely sure whether or not that image is correct. 

Basically, there are a lot of things we don’t know about the people who watch our videos and the people who consider themselves Nerdfighters. We want to change that, so we’ve put together a 30-something question survey


  1. It is not required that you answer all of the questions, but we would like as many people as possible to respond so that we can better understand the world we inhabit
  2. We will, of course, not sell any of this information to anyone. We choose to ask you for information rather than attempting to collect it without your knowledge (through cookes, or whatever.)
  3. Your responses will be confidential and not tied to any name.
  4. We may, however, make public information about Nerdfighteria, but it won’t be connected at all to your name and there won’t be any way to trace it back to you.

Again, the more people take the time (it’ll take more than 10 minutes and less than half an hour) to fill this out, the better Nerdfighteria will be. It’ll also help us make decisions like…what kind of content should we produce and where should we go on tour. So, if you don’t take the survey, your voice won’t be counted!

Here’s the link again!






Hi e’erybody!

My name is Karen Eisenhauer and I’m a senior Linguistics/Anthropology major at Pitzer college. I’ve decided to do my thesis on linguistic ideologies in Nerdfighteria! It’s gonna be totally jokes when it’s done, but I NEED YOUR HELP.

In order to participate, you must be from the USA and you must be a native English speaker. Sorry, international Nerdfighters! Also, please note: if you are under 18, you will need parental permission to participate!)

The following is a link to a short questionnaire which will ask you about your experience as a Nerdfighter. It will also ask you to rank several comments from YouTube. First you’ll have to give me your email address because I have to send you an email with a consent form (or send one to your parents, if you’re under 18). You know, legality issues and whatnot. But after that it’ll only take about 5 minutes to fill out, and I shall love you forever if you participate!


I also am looking for people to give longer interviews. These would take about half an hour and would be done by phone or some online video-chat service. The interview will be about your participation in Nerdfighteria and what you think being a good Nerdfighter means. I’d love to hear your opinions! If you want to participate, contact me:



twitter: monpanachable

youtube: monpanachable

I’m also on the ning and on Come find me! 

Thanks again, Nerdfighteria. You are made of awesome.

Best Wishes,


ps Please reblog to spread the word!

Hey all, if you have a few minutes (or longer) to spare, please help Karen out by answering her survey :)

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Hello! My name is Christina and I am Junior and Duquesne University I need your help. I am currently in an anthropology course and have decided to do an ethnography on the community of Nerdfighters. There are two parts to this survey that I would like you to answer there is a multiple choice section (8 questions long)  and an open ended portion (7 questions). I am only asking for a few minutes of your time to fill out at least Multiple Choice form. Thank you very much for your time. If you have questions please put it in my ask or you can email me (ask me and then I’ll give you my email). And I will edit my original post as questions come in as a general FAQ. 

Multiple Choice Survey Here

Open Ended Survey Here

Thank you and please pass these links along to your fellow Nerdfighters

Let’s help Christina out, y’all!


Nerdfighteria Survey - Update Video!


Nerdfighteria Survey - Update Video!

Hi all!

I just wanted to let you know about my vlog updating Nerdfighters on the Nerdfighteria Survey so many of you participated in in June.

This is my first vlog, so bear with me on the quality, please - I’m still learning! I have so much respect for people who do this every day. It was was a lot harder than I thought it would be, haha.

The vlog makes sure to once again thank you all for being so amazing and helpful by spreading the word about the survey. Thank you also to all of you who were able to respond - we managed to collect an entire 1000 responses! Check out the vlog for the demographics of those who responded (gender, age, country etc.).

I’ll be releasing another vlog around December with further results and a more in-depth analysis, once I’ve finished the work, so keep an eye on my Tumblr or YouTube page.

Here’s the link:

If you’d like to help spread the word, please reblog this post as well!

Thanks again and DFTBA!


Thanks a jillion to everyone who filled out the survey!


Greetings Nerdfighteria, I need your help!


Hello fellow Nerdfighters!

My name is Yaara and I study communications (and English Lit!) at Tel Aviv University. I’m doing a seminar research project as a part of my BA degree, and I chose to do it about Nerdfighteria.

As a part of this project I’m running a questionnaire, and I need as many Nerdfighters as possible to answer it. The more people fill it up, the more statistical data I will have to support my paper. So please, fill this out! Send it to your Nerdfighter friends and ask them to fill it out as well! Ask them to send it to THEIR Nerdfighter friends. Spread the word around, that would be tremendous help!

You don’t have to read any further than this, but I’ll appreciate it if you do!

The second part of this project is a series of in-depth interviews with Nerdfighters, to better learn about the community (even though I am a proud Nerdfighter, I still need the account of others. For some reason academia wouldn’t just take my word that this is an awesome community). If you’re up to being interviewed, here is some info:

  • Interviews will be held via Skype (or, on the off-chance you live in Israel, we can meet up) in either English or Hebrew (sorry, those are the only language I speak well enough to interview in), at a time that suits you.
  • Interviews will take roughly an hour, though it could always be less or more - depending on how chatty you are :)
  • It’ll be more of a conversation than a formal thing, I AM a fellow Nerdfighter and I would love for this to be an opportunity to maybe meet some new Nerdfighter friends.
  • Interviews will be recorded. This is necessary because I need to be able to go back to your answers for the sake of the writing of the paper. I can, however, promise you that no one but me (and my lecturer, if she asks for it, and I’m sure she won’t) will listen to these recordings, and that you will be given a fake name (that you can even choose if you feel so inclined) to maintain your anonymity.
  • I unfortunately can’t offer incentives to interviewees. I am a poor student, and this project is not funded. I am, however, willing to donate a humble sum of money to a charity of your choice.

So, if all of this is okay with you - please contact me either by ask (and in that case include a way in which I can contact you), or by e-mailing me at: with the topic “Nerdfighter seminar”. I might not get to interview everyone who volunteers (working on the vain assumption I’ll have plenty of volunteers here…), but I’ll try to get to as many of you who are willing.

Lastly, I’ll really appreciate it if you reblog this post to help spread it around!

Thanks Nerdfighteria! Best wishes, and DFTBA!

PS: I’m sorry for using some unrelated tagging on this post, I just want it to reach as many Nerdfighters as possible.

tl;dr - Seminar project about Nerdfighteria. Please fill up this questionnaire and spread it to all your friends:

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, consider helping Yaara out by taking this survey!

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