Why John and Hank Green Owed Punishments


In the recent vlogbrothers video, Hank Green was uncertain why they had owed punishments in 2012. This is why.

Pre-Kiva bet, these were the outstanding infractions:

Hank missed a video: I Love My Brother
John missed a video: Belated Book-tacular Questions
John agreed to a punishment for getting more subscribers than Oprah: The Pwning of Oprah
John skipped a video to give Hank a punishment: IT’S HANKO DE MAYO!!
John also had a punishment after Helen Hunt saw the video: Happy Birthday To Me!

So Hank had one punishment and John had four… John definitely got the better end of that Kiva bet!

(Originally, John’s Helen Hunt punishment was going to be skipped because of John’s gallbladder, but he actually agreed to do a different one here: Happy Birthday To Me!)

Ah yes, John wanted to “double” his punishments to 2 post-Kiva but he really halved them! Sneaky, sneaky dude.



So I got a little confused about who owed what punishments and then we went a little overboard and with the help of a team of Nerdfighting researchers rooted out the cause and effect of EVERY SINGLE PUNISHMENT ON VLOGBROTHERS SINCE JANUARY OF 2007!

Here’s a playlist of all of those videos.

The thing I realized while doing this is that we have been doing this for a very….very….very long time. Holy monkey butts…a long time.


WHY is Hank Punished? The Answers!!


Ok, so in this video John mentioned that both he and Hank had outstanding punishments and he proposed a challenge - if nerdfighteria could loan a million dollars before vlogbrothers got to its 1000th video, they’d to the punishments, if not, no punishments.

We did, of course (never underestimate nerdfighters). And someone pointed out that John’s deal wasn’t totally fair, so he had agreed to go double-or-nothing

So then a couple weeks later Hank and John started Brotherhood 2.0 week and made videos back and forth every day for a week, thus completing one punishment each.

They now owed us both one more punishment. John put out this very intriguing request but nothing ever came of it.

In the meantime, John made this six-minute long video, which nerdfighters decided was not exempt because it was not “educational”. So in this video, he accepted his punishment. And in this video, Hank gave him the chosen punishment: eat a gross meal Henry came up with. So he did that here.

So, they still each owe a punishment! 

As we have researched and looked into everything last night, this seems to be the general conclusion. One punishment owed each!


Timeline of Vlogbrothers Punishments?

So! As you may have seen in John’s last video, Hank owes us a punishment. But personally, I cannot for the life of me remember WHY he does. Does anyone know?!

To that end, and because I thought it’d be fun, I’ve created a spreadsheet where we can collaboratively track out a sort of timeline of Vlogbrothers punishments.

We can use both this page on the Nerdfighteria Wiki and this playlist of punishments to start from, though I’m pretty sure both are incomplete.

Here is the spreadsheet. Let’s try to keep them in chronological order, and dates in mm/dd/yyyy format.

Also: why is Hank supposed to be punished?


Cooking with a 3-Year-Old: Slobber Carrots and Gross Barbecue

In which John eats slobber carrots with drool, gross barbecue with drool, and hat. I’m glad to have this punishment behind me. Thanks to Henry and nerdfighteria for the horror.

Hey, the Project for Awesome starts in ONE WEEK! Get your thumbnails here: http://www.projectforawesome.com/thum… and find out more here: http://www.projectforawesome.com/about

Simultaneously very happy and grossed out. Must be a punishment video!


VidCon, Punishments, Comments, and Pumpkins

Every year, one of my favorite things to do is take the music of a YouTuber and edit it together with clips from VidCon. It’s always epic and fun and surprising and awesome and there’s just so much amazing footage from the event. This year I edited to Mike Diva’s BFD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxiItsU0-_s

VidCon: http://www.vidcon.com

The 12 Days of Pizzamas: http://dftba.com/artist/89/Pizza-John

Vote on Pumpkins: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7T5DYY9


Thoughts for Nerdfighteria

In which John talks about nerdfighteria and the risks and opportunities of growth and change in online communities. 

Leave your punishment suggestions in comments. (Blergh.)



Hank is punished for 2 extra seconds by spending 15 hours in Target.

Part 2

15 Hours in Target



I lol’d


Policy and Politics: Brotherhood 2.0 Week Begins

In which John discusses the tax proposals of the two major candidates for President while arguing against the hysterical rhetoric that marks contemporary political discourse. This is the first of six consecutive daily videos Hank and I will be making to fulfill the first of our two outstanding punishments. Also discussed: the difference between ordinary income and capital gains, and the theory behind taxing capital gains at a lower rate than ordinary income (which both candidates favor, just to different degrees).