from margo roth spiegelman, with hope


we dance on the edge
of a knife, every morning laden
with astriferous dreams, backs bowed
with the hopes we carry in perpetuum
not knowing what other motes to breathe.

this is us, we are
the incarnation of black against white,
stark contrasts that breathe and bleed
for their otherness.

do as if i took to the sea
and set my sails for far-off harbors.
i am not odysseus, no wife and child
wait for me, i am unfettered, i am
unloved, except for a boy who misconstrues
the the very shape of my breastbone. 

do not follow me. do not follow me.
do not follow me. you wouldn’t
follow anyway.

i am telling you not to love me,
the thought of me, the paper girl
painted in gaudy colors.

i cut my losses, i would cut
the cords of my heart if i thought
some anchor held me
to uncertain waters.

i am no citizen of empty dreams,
zanarkand fades at the first touch of light,
and i will not inhabit a glorious lie
even if affection should lie on the line.


Calling All Slam Poets


Calling all poets: We dare you to raise your voice. Speak up and join in our revolution What revolution? Slam Poetry of Nerdfighteria. Slam Poetry of Nerdfighteria was founded by Zabrisa Zelinski with the help of her friends. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves. Poetry should not be confined to only smaller venues but readily available for anybody to take part in and enjoy. We aim to spread quality poetry readings and performances across the internet by organising monthly slams on our youtube channel for anyone to see and comment on, as well as frequent updates through tumblr, twitter and instagram. Poetry should be heard, not silenced. Seen, not ignored. Displayed proudly, not hidden in a notebook or a document buried on a hard drive. It is because of this that we are calling out to the fellow poets in nerdfighteria. Help us tear up these conventions and celebrate creativity through the spoken and written word. The Nerdfighter Slam Poets.


A Poem for Spring

In which John welcomes the (calendrical) arrival of Spring by reciting some poetry, and also tells a story about moving to Indianapolis.


Quite possibly John Green’s finest literary work


Nice, peaceful, visionary, joyous.

Lover of peace, hope, and Jennifer.

Who believed that World Peace could someday be.

Who wanted good grades, high moral standards, and World Peace.

Who used his money, his love, and his writing.

Who gave his money, his love, and everything he had.

Who said, “Visualize World Peace; it could happen.”


(submitted by Paige)


"Poetry is just so emo,’ he said. ‘Oh, the pain. The pain. It always rains. In my soul."

John Green, Paper Towns (via hankandjohnsaid)


Alaska Young


Smoking cigarettes
eyes rimmed dark, cherry red lips
pressed in a smirk of

amusement at the
multitude of lovely boys
who threw themselves at 

her in a rush to 
feel her, heal her, conceal her,
from the demons she

created for me.
To this day I wonder how
someone as dull as

I could even try
to compete with someone as
dangerous as her.

A hurricane that
destroyed everything I loved.
Alaska you had

so much of what I
desired but not the sense,
to love them more than yourself.

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An Idea That You Love

Imagine me complexly, won’t you please.

Put a stop to the exaggeration.

I am just a person, why can’t you see?

That’s not me in your imagination.

You see me as a druggie, dirty, a whore,

An adventure, an enigma. A lie.

You know nothing, yet you want to know more.

This is the me that you adore, but why?

The real person is one you all detest

I fulfill none of your expectations.

I am not here to be what you request.

Stop your outrageous accusations!

What a treacherous thing it is to see

A person as more than a person.  

[submitted by canyousayclaire]