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in history we were watching a john green video on the french revolution and my teacher stopped it about 10 seconds before the video ended and turned off the projector and everything and started lecturing us about what the test would be on next class and by accident he hit the play button with his elbow and what blasts through the full-volume speakers is john green saying IM NOT WEARING ANY PANTS

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A songified version of John Green reading “Everyone Poops in My Pants

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200 People in Your Pants

That’s really all you need to know. Except that Charlie totally showed me up with the “show you around my place” video:

And that John and I are going to be talking some more about Moon Pasta soon…you should check this video out: because it’s genius.

We’re very pleased to announce that Your Pants are now open and ready to be filled with nerdfighters! Come hang out and stitch Your Pants together with some new threads!