I don’t know. Say it with me: I don’t know. Good God, it is liberating, I am a towering mountain of ignorance, I DON’T KNOW! {x}

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Towering Mountains of Ignorance

This was a somewhat challenging topic to take on in four minutes, so here’s a little more explanation. 

I’m not saying that we don’t know things…we know lots of things. But particularly when it comes to social and cultural and economic stuff, we really don’t. It’s so hard to run experiments on the real world, that we tend to do the studies and then no one changes their mind and everyone explains the data in a different way. 

But you can run the “Harry Potter” experiment again with different inputs because “Harry Potter” can only happen once. 

Of course, there are people who are much better at guessing than other people because they know much more about the situations. People who understand, at least, what is and is not possible (which is an excellent place to start if you’re trying to, say, create an independent Palestinian state.) 

Same goes for running a business…you will never take the most successful course, because there are infinite courses and only one maximum one. But some people are very good at finding good courses because they understand their customers and their markets and their employees and have fairly accurate constructions of reality as it relates to their business. 

But the idea that it is the responsibility of every person to have an opinion on everything that matters…and then cling to that opinion as an important part of their identity, sucks. I don’t like it. 

I would rather we discuss these things in terms of values, which is really where our opinions tend to arise from anyhow. So when asked “how do we create more jobs in America” we don’t really try to answer that question. We try to answer the question “How do we create more jobs in America while promoting our own personal values?” 

For things like “How do you end a war” or “How do you feed hungry people” or “How do you eliminate poverty?” I’m going to admit straight up that I don’t know…and defer to the experts because they know a heck of a lot more than me. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. So, yay, I DON’T KNOW!!!



I animated the Universe is Weird!

Hank Green’s songs have such an animatable quality to them - this is the second of his I’ve done! Anyway, it took me about three months to finish and I learned alot while creating it. The chorus in this was my first proper attempt at lipsync animation, and while I only did an ok job, I’m still quite pleased with it. 

Well I hope you enjoy it and feel free to share it with any nerdfighter friends!




Is this the most fun a grown man can have [1/2]

Humpy Hank will never die!

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oh how times have changed




SciShow Quiz Show: Dr. Lindsey Doe

In this episode of SciShow Quiz Show, host Michael Aranda test the wits of contestants Dr. Lindsey Doe and Hank Green. 



Seven years ago right now, millions of people were counting down to midnight and Accio Deathly Hallows was still the fandom’s theme song.

Ahh, memories.


Why John and Hank Green Owed Punishments


In the recent vlogbrothers video, Hank Green was uncertain why they had owed punishments in 2012. This is why.

Pre-Kiva bet, these were the outstanding infractions:

Hank missed a video: I Love My Brother
John missed a video: Belated Book-tacular Questions
John agreed to a punishment for getting more subscribers than Oprah: The Pwning of Oprah
John skipped a video to give Hank a punishment: IT’S HANKO DE MAYO!!
John also had a punishment after Helen Hunt saw the video: Happy Birthday To Me!

So Hank had one punishment and John had four… John definitely got the better end of that Kiva bet!

(Originally, John’s Helen Hunt punishment was going to be skipped because of John’s gallbladder, but he actually agreed to do a different one here: Happy Birthday To Me!)

Ah yes, John wanted to “double” his punishments to 2 post-Kiva but he really halved them! Sneaky, sneaky dude.



So I got a little confused about who owed what punishments and then we went a little overboard and with the help of a team of Nerdfighting researchers rooted out the cause and effect of EVERY SINGLE PUNISHMENT ON VLOGBROTHERS SINCE JANUARY OF 2007!

Here’s a playlist of all of those videos.

The thing I realized while doing this is that we have been doing this for a very….very….very long time. Holy monkey butts…a long time.