Hank Green made a crash course video on OCD & Anxiety Disorders. It is very informative & explained in the simplest of ways. You can watch it here:



From the entire team at Thought Café & thecrashcourse, thank you for your continued support! We <3 you. Also, how many Johns and Hanks can you count?

Congratulations to Crash Course for reaching 2 million subscribers. That’s so many people! Learning so many things!



So here’s the next sum-up of another episode of Crash Course Psychology (#22) Measuring Personality

Again, here’s the link to the file: x

Aaand, the worksheet is now uploaded! Here’s the link: x


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This super duper cool person has been making worksheets and notes for Crash Course videos — check em out of you like to LEARN!



This week we sit down with Nick Jenkins from Sexplanations and Crash Course, and get an idea of all that goes on behind the scenes!




In which John talks about luck and what we deserve. And also some books he likes. And probable mouse poop. And Crash Course Big History, which will debut in a couple months over at



Opened my university magazine to find John and Hank Green. Dftba, uniofnottingham.



Opened my university magazine to find John and Hank Green. Dftba, uniofnottingham.



Dear Psychotropic Drugs…(X)

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Video Transcriptions and Translations

Hey all. 

As you may know, YouTube gives channels the capability of uploading caption tracks to their videos, and these tracks are invaluable to all kinds of people. Captions allow deaf and hard of hearing YouTube users the ability to enjoy videos to the fullest extent; captions clarify words or phrases that might be difficult to understand when spoken aloud; captions enable users to find phrases or quotes via searches, and so on.

An impressive amount of vlogbrothers-related videos have already been transcribed, and I’m in the process of uploading those transcriptions as captions to the videos themselves. But there is a lot of work yet to be done.

If you’d like to help transcribe videos, go to the Nerdfighteria Wiki, find videos that have not yet been transcribed, pick one, and transcribe it! Instructions and formatting tips are available on the wiki, so poke around a bit!

If you’re feeling particularly awesome, you can focus on one of the following channels/categories, all of which need special help since they do not have scripts:

Similarly, if you are multilingual, we could use your talents in helping to translate videos for our educational channels.

See below for a full list of channels that are available for translation:

Crash Course

Crash Course is currently a special beta tester for Youtube’s new Captions/Translations feature. If you go to any Crash Course video and click on the “Transcript” button below the video, then open up the drop down language menu, you can select “add subtitles/cc”, a captions editor page will open, and you’ll easily be able to translate the video. When you’re finished, you can submit your work and it will be reviewed. If it’s accepted, you’ll be notified via YouTube, and the captions will go live on the video! See the screenshots below for an idea of how it works.






Instructions regarding the translation process for these channels are available on each individual site.

Thanks in advance for all the work, time, and effort that you all put into these captions & translations! It’s greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions (that can’t be answered by a perusal of the wiki/, feel free to email me.





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