You can be a Quill!

Kemosabe is a metaphor for the Animal Wonders community! I couldn’t be more happy by the quality of our viewers. I can’t say it enough, you all are amazing!

In the video you’ll see a lot of adorable porcupine and also learn how to be more involved in our community by subscribing on Subbable, you could get your very own Kemosabe quills as a perk! You can also donate through PayPal* on our website if you don’t have a google account (*donations are tax deductible only through PayPal).

So excited to be launching this endeavor! Be a Quill!!

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The Oculus Rift is Freakin Me Out 

In which Hank announces the launch of GAMES WITH HANK!

Also, thanks to all of you spending time watching pre-rolls, we’re giving money away to independent creators! The first to grant recipients are:

Kelly Kend | Physics Girl

My interview with Kelly is on HanksChannel



John Green is such an inspiration! I’m glad he sees the magic in reading and shares/encourages everyone to seek the experience.


It’s Question Tuesday! Cheesy Jokes, Paper Towns Movie, and Dinosaur Butt Brains

In which John answers real questions from real nerdfighters.

The Fault in Our Stars came out on DVD today. Thanks to everyone in the nerdfighter community who supported the movie (and me) through the whole wild and wonderful process.


Hanging with High School Hank

In which Hank goes through a lot of old stuff that he found in his house while moving. Nostalgia is weird…someday I’ll be watch this video and feel nostalgic about feeling nostalgic…

My instagram is hankgreen, if you want to see those little John and Hank pictures :-)

Very excited about the new house…we will have more room for PROJECTS! And no, not small-human projects. 


Bill Gates and John Green Discuss Global Health

A special bonus video in which John Green and Microsoft founder Bill Gates talk about how Ethiopia has reduced its infant mortality dramatically in the past twenty years.



In which Hank and John answer real questions from real nerdfighters at the warehouse in beautiful Missoula, Montana.




In which John ventures outside to discuss heck takers, hectares, Bill Gates, the foreign minister of Ethiopia, signing books for a crowd of two, and his many mortifications.