Gettin’ Real with Hank

In which Hank talks about how cool and weird the things we are able to do are, how he still feels insecure and sad anyway, and how overwhelming decisions have been freaking him out, and that a simple solution suggested itself (was suggested by his brother.)



Bill Gates and John Green Discuss Agriculture

Special bonus video! If we raise $100,000 to get clean water to people in Ethiopia, BILL GATES WILL MATCH IT WITH ANOTHER $100,000:


The Oculus Rift is Freakin Me Out 

In which Hank announces the launch of GAMES WITH HANK!

Also, thanks to all of you spending time watching pre-rolls, we’re giving money away to independent creators! The first to grant recipients are:

Kelly Kend | Physics Girl

My interview with Kelly is on HanksChannel



Quiz Show: Vlogbrothers Face-Off: Hank v. John! 

Welcome back to SciShow Quiz Show! In this episode Hank will be competing with older brother John in a battle of science related trivia on behalf of Subbable subscribers Anna Dilley & Andrew Villarreal. 

Which brother will be victorious?!


Project for Awesome Nerdfighter Music Compilation!

Hey nerdfighters. As you know, the Project for Awesome is coming up (on December 17th!) and we at vlogbrothers headquarters are working very hard to make sure this year’s P4A is a great one.

This year, we would like to include a new kind of perk, kind of like the Nerdfighter Art perk, but with music!

We are looking for any and all songs by nerdfighters, about nerdfighteria. These songs will be collected and formatted into a compilation album (or compilation albumS, depending on how many submissions come in) that will be available for purchase as a downloadable perk as part of the Project for Awesome Indiegogo campaign. Money will be raised for charity. People will be able to acquire lots of great nerdfighter music. Super cool stuff.

Read on for submission guidelines and the like.

  • All songs must be either about nerdfighteria, about any/all of John’s books, or covers of Hank’s songs.
  • Artist name & song title must be included with your submission. You may also include a link to your music on the web (bandcamp, itunes, etc), and any other text about the song you like.
  • Songs must be submitted in as high a quality as possible; lossless files (AIFF, WAV) are preferred.
  • Submit all songs via wetransfer to with “P4A MUSIC” included somewhere in the message.
  • Submissions will be accepted until November 1st, 2014.
  • Multiple submissions are very much allowed, but please send them in one at a time!
  • We will reach out to those whose songs are selected for the compilation to confirm their inclusion no later than December 1st.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at We’re very excited to listen to all the lovely things you make!


- Valerie & Michael


The University of Montana’s magazine The Montanan recently profiled Hank — check out the article here!

The University of Montana’s magazine The Montanan recently profiled Hank — check out the article here!


Hanging with High School Hank

In which Hank goes through a lot of old stuff that he found in his house while moving. Nostalgia is weird…someday I’ll be watch this video and feel nostalgic about feeling nostalgic…

My instagram is hankgreen, if you want to see those little John and Hank pictures :-)

Very excited about the new house…we will have more room for PROJECTS! And no, not small-human projects. 


Jetpacks and Certain Death: JOIN THE HANGOUT 

Join us here for the Hangout:

And also if you’re interested in Randall’s work here’s xkcd:

And here’s his new book: