In which John ventures outside to discuss heck takers, hectares, Bill Gates, the foreign minister of Ethiopia, signing books for a crowd of two, and his many mortifications.


 Food Is Weird: Understanding Agriculture in the Developing World

In which John Green flies in a helicopter with Bill Gates in Ethiopia, investigates a new form of cursing, and discusses agricultural reform—specifically, how the UN’s World Food Program is trying to improve maize yields in Ethiopia. If you can break the vicious cycle of low incomes leading to low harvests, agricultural productivity per hectacre can increase dramatically, as we’ve seen in China and Brazil. It seems boring, I know, but this is a big reason hundreds of millions of people have emerged from poverty in the past 30 years. So hopefully it will happen in Ethiopia! But, as usual, the truth resists simplicity.


The Nerdfighter Online Video Workshop


There are three important ingredients to a good video…the writing, the performance, and the editing. Now, of course, lots of videos have those things blend together…sometimes I write while I film and sometimes while I edit (deciding to put stuff on screen or cut things (cutting is a huge part of writing) or even to go back and shoot something new.)

But while I once upon a time showed you a video of me editing…I’ve never shared anything about my writing process or my shooting process. So I’m gonna open the book as part of a larger project. Let’s call it the Nerdfighter Online Video Workshop.

It comes in three parts:

Check out the prompts (and guide) on my WattPad, here. Write scripts and share them on WattPad using the appropriate tags. Whether or not you are writing in the workshop, feel free to thoughtfully and conscientiously critique submissions (which you can find by searching for the appropriate tags) using WattPad comments.


  1. A long boring video of me writing a script
  2. A bunch of Vlogbrothers and SciShow scripts
  3. The prompts at WattPad
  4. Other People’s scripts

Check out the scripts (particularly the unpublished Vlogbrothers and SciShow scripts) and film (and ideally edit) your performance. Of course we understand that your software and hardware aren’t necessarily going to be top notch. Phone videos encouraged! Upload your video and name it “NOVW PERFORMANCE VIDEO *USERNAME*” with your username in place of *USERNAME*.

Whether or not you are making a video for the workshop feel free to search YouTube for “NOVW PERFORMANCE VIDEO” and thoughtfully and conscientiously critique performances. 


  1. A video of me unedited…so you can see that vloggers don’t just rattle off their scripts perfectly the first time.
  2. Various Vlogbrothers and SciShow scripts
  3. Other People’s Performances

Download this unedited Vlogbrothers video (there are lots of ways to download YouTube videos, this one works well for me), edit it however you want…do literally whatever you want to it, and then upload it with the title “EDITEDCOMMENTSVIDEO *USERNAME*” where *USERNAME* is your username. 

Whether or not you are uploading an edited video, feel free to search for videos in the editing workshop and thoughtfully and conscientiously critique them.


  1. A video of me editing a video for an hour
  2. An un-edited Vlogbrothers video
  3. Other peoples edits

Yes, I will be looking at this stuff…though probably not for a while because I’m going to be traveling a bit over the next week or two (or three). I’m very excited to see what comes of this. Please be helpful and thoughtful and encouraging to each other. I hope this is interesting and useful to you (and also to me.)

Also, tag all related content novw here on Tumblr or on YouTube or Twitter or wherever.



Naming Babies: Thoughts from Rural Ethiopia

In which John Green visits rural health care centers in Ethiopia with Bill Gates and Gates Foundation CEO Sue Desmond-Hellman and learns about how Ethiopians are working to improve health outcomes with minimal resources. 

The Gates Foundation:

The Last 10K Project, which works to improve health care in rural Ethiopia:


We were watching crash course and doing notes along with the video.. and this was the last question. I was so happy! :) (submitted by diagon-alli)

We were watching crash course and doing notes along with the video.. and this was the last question. I was so happy! :) (submitted by )



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I love this lyric and I feel like it illustrates a lot of the stuff I do. Now I illustrate it. I couldn’t help doing this, it demanded to be made. 


I love this lyric and I feel like it illustrates a lot of the stuff I do. Now I illustrate it. I couldn’t help doing this, it demanded to be made. 


The Bizarre State of Copyright

In which Hank discusses what intellectual property is, and how copyright is increasingly being policed by dumb robots that don’t have very much to do with the law, but have everything to do with it just being REALLY COMPLICATED and there being terrifyingly massive amounts of media to regulate.


Happy Dance Because Sherlock is Back And I Just Learned How To Post Gifs!



Happy dance because Sherlock is back and I just learned how to post gifs!