Feel free to submit anything Nerdfighter-related. Please include the source of the image/quote/what-have-you. You’ll be credited and it will be great! Okay! If you’ve already posted your submission elsewhere on tumblr, feel free to just send us a link to it so we can reblog.

Also, please try to use the correct format when submitting—photo posts for pictures and so on. Thaaanks!

Unfortunately, due to the increasing number of nerdfighter event submissions we’ve been getting, we’ve decided to no longer advertise those unless John and Hank are involved or it is one of those kind of things. People are constantly planning and creating fun things within their local Facebook groups and the Gatherings and Events section in the Our Pants forums, so we highly suggest you head over to those and post about your nf event!

Trying to submit a question? They go here, or you can email us. Comments on or questions about particular posts should go in the comment section of that post. It may take a few days or weeks (or sometimes months) for submissions to be posted. Thanks for being awesome!

(Please no personal promotion/project/contest type things. We’d love to help but it would just get weird and uncomfortable and all. If it is nerdfighter-related, by all means submit it, and if it is just plain ~*~fantastic~*~ enough, we may post it.)