Combatting Sexual Violence in Youtube Communities

Hey, guys! Many of you have been asking about the task force against sexual violence that Hank mentioned in a recent video. The following is an update from that task force on their plans.

Recent events in the Nerdfighteria and greater YouTube communities (compounded with incidents in the past few years that have gone largely undiscussed) have made it apparent that a large-scale movement must take place to combat sexual violence and other forms of abuse in online communities. In mid-March, a task force of concerned Nerdfighters and community members organized to formulate ways to handle the issue. We have been consulting with experts in the anti-sexual violence field and working in collaboration with several leaders in the online community (including the vlogbrothers, the Harry Potter Alliance, and the powers that be at Vidcon and LeakyCon). We’ve been exchanging ideas and having a critical discussion about the state of the broader online community, as well as how we can make it a healthier and safer place. We’re ready to share our goals and what we’ve done to work towards them in the past six weeks.

We’ve targeted three main issues we would like to address, and have formed three teams:

  1. The resource team is creating a framework for handling sexual violence in online communities. Our community is nuanced and unprecedented, and current models of combating sexual violence don’t translate well to it. We aim to come up with a plan that will bridge the gap. Part of this framework will detail how to better integrate anti-sexual violence organizations and their resources into online spaces.

  2. The VidCon team is committed to improving safety options and opportunities for attendees. As one of the largest spaces for physical meet-ups, VidCon is faced with a unique set of issues related to sexual violence and other forms of abuse. We want to make this space the safest it could possibly be for all.

  3. The video team is formulating a video campaign to educate and begin discussions about rape culture. Videos are what our community is centered around, so they’re an especially important platform for the dissemination of information and promotion of discussion in the community.

We recognize that the process of organizing ourselves and coordinating our goals has not yet been transparent, but we’re working to change that. Each of our projects requires community engagement in order to be successful. Our ultimate goal is to further open the dialogue and create large-scale, cultural change, which cannot happen without everyone getting involved. We will be creating our own tumblr and twitter soon so we can collaborate with the community at large. We’ve been really excited to see all the discussion already taking place, and we hope the conversation continues as we move forward. More updates will be will be coming soon — stay tuned.


In the meantime, some resources:

If someone is pressuring you

Find a local crisis center

Online hotline

International resources

Emotional abuse

Warning signs of an abusive relationship

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