Nerdfighteria Survey - Update Video!


Nerdfighteria Survey - Update Video!

Hi all!

I just wanted to let you know about my vlog updating Nerdfighters on the Nerdfighteria Survey so many of you participated in in June.

This is my first vlog, so bear with me on the quality, please - I’m still learning! I have so much respect for people who do this every day. It was was a lot harder than I thought it would be, haha.

The vlog makes sure to once again thank you all for being so amazing and helpful by spreading the word about the survey. Thank you also to all of you who were able to respond - we managed to collect an entire 1000 responses! Check out the vlog for the demographics of those who responded (gender, age, country etc.).

I’ll be releasing another vlog around December with further results and a more in-depth analysis, once I’ve finished the work, so keep an eye on my Tumblr or YouTube page.

Here’s the link:


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Thanks again and DFTBA!


Thanks a jillion to everyone who filled out the survey!

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    Thanks a jillion to everyone who filled out the survey!
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