Why Hank Green Matters to Me

thatlittletentofblue submitted:

The vlogbrothers came into my life during a very dark time. My parents were freaking out because the school counsellor had told them about my depression and bulimia. I was still battling those things with the “help” of a phycologist who I didn’t think I could trust. I was alone, I was sad, and I hated myself.

I saw “Nerdfighter F.A.Q.” in late 2010. And I couldn’t explain how, or why, but it really changed EVERYTHING for me. I watched it and I was laughing, really LAUGHING. Because Hank and John were people like me, nerds, outsiders. Watching them made me feel like I was a part of something, and that just because other people didn’t understand it didn’t make it bad.  I know it sounds stupid, that two guys just talking in front of a camera, most of the time about stuff that most people wouldn’t consider important or worldly, could mean so much to me. But it did, and it does.

I love John’s honesty about sadness, and his writing is awesome. But there’s something about Hank’s optimism that really REACHES me. His videos always seem to be posted right when I need them, and he always says exactly what I need to hear. I’m proud to say that I owe these two amazing brothers everything I am.

Hank, you’ve instilled this confidence in me that I never had before. I’m not saying my life is perfect now, or that I never feel depressed or sad anymore. But you’ve given me friends, a monthly meeting to go to in the city with people just like me, awesome songs to listen to every day, epic videos to watch. Before you I was just a sad, lonely nerd. But now I’m a nerdFIGHTER. So thankyou, for putting the fighter back in me. Happy Hanko De Mayo, and here’s to many more years of hankiness to come.

P.S. I’d love it if you came to Australia, so I’d have an opportunity to thank you and John in person.

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