About Eff Yeah Nerdfighters

What is a Nerdfighter, you ask? Well, if you’re wondering that, you probably are one. Don’t worry: it’s a good thing.

In 2007, two brothers embarked on an exciting new chapter in their lives. Hank and John Green decided, in an attempt to reconnect, to communicate exclusively by videoblog, or vlogging, for a whole year, removing all textual communcation. Along the way, they had created more than videos, but an entire community of unique and creative people. These people are commonly referred to as Nerdfighters. Years later that community is stronger than ever, with the vlogbrothers channel being in the Most Subscribed Channels of All Time list on YouTube and spawning many other successful projects, such as DFTBA Records, VidCon, CrashCourse, SciShow, hankgames, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, mental_floss, and vidthoughts. This blog is in tribute to the amazing group of people that is Nerdfighteria, with content submitted and published solely by Nerdfighters.

Who the eff is Hank?

Hank is the younger of the two. He’s 33 years old and lives in Missoula, Montana. He runs the blog Ecogeek.org, which reports regularly on advances in environment preservation and green technology. He is also an artist and co-founder of the YouTube-inspired record company, DFTBA Records with Alan Lastufka.

Hank is also a tiny yellow song bird said to represent the soul of France, a sausage covered in cornbread batter and deep-fried, and a small island in the Pacific Ocean.

And the other one? With the puff?

Ah, John. John is the older of the vlogbrothers. He is 36 years old, lives in Indianapolis, and works as an author. So far, he’s writtenLooking For Alaska,An Abundance Of Katherines, Paper Towns, and The Fault in Our Stars. John has also co-written two books: Let it Snow with Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle and Will Grayson, Will Grayson with David Levithan, along with many other writings.

Awesome! How can I help?

Thanks! First off, you can follow this blog. (If you’re not a Tumblr user, you can subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter and facebook.) If you have any questions about Nerdfighteria, or you’re looking for a certain video from the vlogbrothers’ massive collection of 1000+ vlogs, feel free to ask us over here (or email us). If you want to submit something Nerdfighter-related, you can do so here. (Be sure to read the guidelines before you submit!) Best wishes, and DFTBA!